A kitesurfing course for those who want to learn all about kitesurfing.

We begin on the first day to cover all the basic skills of kitesurfing, including advanced management of kites and body drag. You are coached through the start & landing of the kite and all security techniques.

Begin with boardstarts! On the second day you have the chance to put your new skills to the test. We will guide you through the water starts and prolonged riding. Let’s see how you evolve, soon you might be able to go in both directions and start with turns. You get your own IKO certificate indicating your level at the end of the course. Its your own ticket to the kitesurf world!
During this course you will have advanced kite control, advanced body dragging control, body drag with board, know the self rescue techniques and Start practicing to get up on the board.

Depending on the current circumstances on the specific days we do the course over 2-3 days
Totally 12hours in group or 9hours in private lessons


  • Free Online theory + a skill test
  • Right-of-way rules
  • wind analysis
  • Spot check
  • Learn how to chose correct Gear
  • Flying trainer kite
  • Big Kite Setup
  • Security control
  • Learn all the safety systems in different situations
  • Kite lauch and landing
  • Flying with big kite in shallow water
  • Kite control
  • Re-launching kite in the water
  • Body Dragging
  • Water starts with the board
  • Correct posture when kitesurfing
  • Self rescue
  • How to pack the kite correct when you are done
  • Where can you kitesurf
  • Certification

DAY 2 – 3

  • Any repetition (if necessary)
  • Rigging
  • Safety Check
  • Emergency packdown – Self rescue
  • Waterstart theory
  • Advanced waterstarts techniques with board
  • Learn what to do if you loos your board and how to recover it.
  • Learn to ride with correct posture
  • Learn to ride longer distances with board
  • Learn to ride against the wind (tack, or riding upwind)
  • Learn how to turn
  • Learn to ride among other kitesurfers (Learn what is the most important things to think of!)